Life is indeed full of surprises. We do not know what might come today, tomorrow and in the future. In our lives, opportunity comes as an unexpected surprise. It is true that it does not come to us every day. We must make the best use of it when it comes our way. We may not get a second chance, so grasp it as it comes along and make the best of it.

Unexpectedly, an amazing opportunity knocked at my door. It was when our Gen. Manager of ASEMCO, Mrs. Anita S. Corto told me that Dr. Leo D. Camposano, Chairperson of the Board of PHCCI TACLOBAN highly requested me to host the 48th year celebration of Victo National in Baguio City. I never believed that something like this could ever happen to me. Hosting a big event like this was just in my wildest dream but now it became real. What a pleasant surprise indeed! So I said yes. During those times I felt mixed emotions. I was overwhelmed. I felt uneasy at the same time knowing that hosting was a tough job. It wasn’t as easy as conversing with peers but I had no choice but to remain optimistic.


On the 17th of May,  I, together with Mrs.Anita S. Corto (Gen. Manager) Mr. Jerome G. Estreller       (Branch Manager), Mrs. Sarah B. Gonzaga (HRM Officer), Mrs. Jesseca S. Tabuyan (Accounting Division Head), Mrs. Merry Rose M. Balondo (Loan Divison Head), Mrs. Sandra R.Atok (Cashier) and Ms. Ma. Lee Nil Atibula (Hostel Division Head) had arrived in Baguio City. I felt fortunate and honored to be with these great people. We stayed in a transient house on our first day where we took an ample rest for the next day’s big event. Excitedly, on the 18th of May, we went to the venue of the said event, the Crown Legacy Hotel. As we entered the luxurious hotel, my heart started to beat fast. My sweat trickled down my face. I was nervous and anxious. I thought of withdrawing from the event. But as my thoughts became clouded with these, I started to pray to God to give me confidence and courage to do the task delegated to me. We immediately checked in the hotel and proceeded to our designated rooms.  Few minutes after our arrival, Sir Nilo Cazon (Victo National Staff) called me up for our rehearsal. In the venue, I had met my beautiful co-host, Ms. Almera Mitzi Sudario (PHCCI TACLOBAN Staff) and our professional stage manager, Sir Alfred Canarias (VICTO NATIONAL Staff). During our rehearsal, I got so nervous that caused me to mumble and stammer. But Sir Alfred never discouraged me instead he advised me to relax and motivated me to do better. Our rehearsal flowed smoothly. I easily felt comfortable with them even if we had just met that day because they were really professional in terms of work. Through them, I gained extra confidence. Right after our rehearsal, I went back to my designated room to prepare for the big event. After I dressed up my self, I had left the portal of my room with so much pride and confidence knowing that I have my ASEMCO FAMILY, loved ones and God who supported me all throughout.

In the venue, we were amazed by the hundreds of delegates from the affiliate cooperatives of VICTO NATIONAL in the Philippines who graced the momentous event. After we were introduced as hosts, we’ve come up the stage with an optimistic mind that everything will be successful. Fortunately, we nailed it. We received commendable applauses from our audiences. It’s very fulfilling in our part that they were satisfied with our performance. While I and my co-host were having a break, some people with unfamiliar faces congratulated us with sincerity for a job well done. Our hearts were filled with unfathomable happiness and great pride. After the event, we went back home with another unforgettable memories to cherish and share.

I have never imagined that something like this would happen to me, this surprise made me stop and reflect back on my life and what it meant to be alive. Therefore, one should always be ready for all possibilities in life as the real opportunity is “YOU”.