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Learn about the membership requirements, perks, and benefits of being part of  Biliran’s fastest growing cooperative.

Almeria Seafarers Multi-Purpose Cooperative is structured to improve the community’s livelihoods and adapt to the members’ changing needs.

These are the necessary information that you need to know in order to be a member of ASEMCO.

1. Open to all natural persons, Filipino Citizen, of legal age who are residing all over the country, Philippines.

2. Applicants must accomplish prescribed application form duly endorsed by a regular member. In the absence of the endorser, a further investigation shall be conducted by the management.

3. Age to become a member must be at least  18 years old and above upon membership.

4. Must undergo and pass the personality assessment. The applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Barangay and Police Clearance
  • Regular Membership Application Form – Data Sheet with 2×2 picture
  • Seaman’s book (For Seafarers)

5. Must undergo Pre-membership Education Seminar

6. Must pay a membership fee of P500.00.

7. Must pay an initial paid-up capital of P20, 000.00.

8. Must open an initial savings deposit of at least P500.00.

9. He/she has the right to take part in the general decision making of ASEMCO.

10. Has the right to elect and be elected as officer of the cooperative after having completed the requirements and qualified.

11. Entitled to avail the products and services offered by the cooperative.

1. An individual person 18 years old and above.

2. Minimum preferred shares of Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) and maximum of Three Thousand Pesos (P3,000.00) and is subject to earn interest based on the approved annual dividend distribution.

3. Must maintain a savings deposit of at least Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00). 

4. Must pay a membership fee of P100.00. 

5. Must undergo orientation seminar. 

6. An individual, joint accounts or association that has opened any deposit account in ASEMCO.

7. Has no right to take part in the decision making but can provide suggestions to improve the services and management of the cooperative. 

8. Has no right to elect and be elected as officer of the cooperative. 

9. Entitled to receive information regarding the cooperative’s product updates and newsletters. 

Note: An associate member in good standing who meets the minimum requirements of regular membership and has continuously patronized the services of the cooperative for at least two (2) years from the time he/she will be accepted as a regular member.

ASEMCO’s membership shall be open to all persons who are eighteen (18) years of age and above, with a capacity to contract or heads of the family and are:

a.  Residing and/or working within the area of operation as defined in Article III of the cooperative’s Articles of Cooperation thereof;

b. The prospective members should:

i. Pledge to undertake the responsibilities of members;

ii. Complete the prescribed Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES), and

iii. Use or anticipate to use the services of Ameria Seafarer’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ASEMCO).

Note: A cooperative organized by minors shall be considered a laboratory cooperative and must be affiliated with a registered cooperative. A laboratory cooperative shall be governed by special guidelines to be promulgated by the Cooperative Development Authority.

Prior to the approval of applications of new members to the cooperative, they should meet the following requirements:

1. He/she has to pay Membership Fee of Five Hundred Pesos (PhP500.00) and must have a complete attendance at the Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES). In case the applicant had missed a session, he/she has to make-up on the session where he/she’s not able to attend.

2. He/she has to put in a minimum Share Capital and pledge to continuously pay on regular basis his/her subscribed capital share.

3. Must be eighteen (18) years old and least one (1) year working or residing within the cooperative’s area of operation. 

4. At least with regular source of income. If housewife, household income is at least within the minimum level. 

5. Attached to the filled-up Membership Application Form is his/her one (1) 2×2 picture.

6. Had passed through PMES validation, oath-taking, and background and credit investigations.

7. Has signed the Member’s Oath as the agreement to follow the rules and regulations of ASEMCO and promise to adhere to the principles of cooperatives. 

*Download the Regular Membership form here.

Rights and Privileges

Every regular member who is entitled to vote has the following rights and privileges:

a. Participate in the deliberations during membership meetings;

b. Vote on matters brought before such meetings;

c. Seek any elective position, subject to the provisions of Section 12 Article III of the cooperative’s Constitution and By-laws;

d. Avail himself/herself of the services of the cooperative without any discrimination whatsoever upon compliance with the conditions and requirements thereof; and

e. Inspect and examine the books of accounts, the minute books, the share register and other records of the cooperative during office hours and to exercise other rights and privileges of membership.

A member shall have the right to examine the records required to be kept by the cooperative under Article 52 of the Philippine Cooperative Code (RA 9520) during reasonable hours on business days and he/she may demand, in writing, for a copy of excerpts from said records without charge except the cost of production.

Any officer of the cooperative who shall refuse to allow any member of the cooperative entitled to vote to examine and copy excerpts from its records shall be liable to such member for damages and shall be guilty of an offense which shall be punishable under Article 140 of the Philippine Cooperative Code (RA 9520). Provided, that if such refusal is pursuant to a resolution or order of the Board of Directors, the liability under this article shall be imposed upon the Directors who voted for such refusal. Provided, further, that it shall be a defense to any action under such article that the member demanding to examine and copy excerpts from the cooperative records has improperly used any information secured through any prior examination of the records of the cooperative or was not acting in good faith or for a legitimate purpose in making his demand.

Note: All the rights and privileges for regular members shall be exercised by the associate member, except to vote and be voted upon. An applicant for membership shall be deemed a member after approval of his/her membership by the Board of Directors and shall exercise the rights of member after having made such payments to the cooperative in respect to membership or acquired interest in the cooperative as may be prescribed in the By-laws. In case membership is refused or denied by the Board of Directors, an appeal may be made to the General Assembly and the latter’s decision shall be final. For this purpose, the General Assembly may opt to create an Appeal and Grievance Committee, the members of which shall serve for a period of one (1) year and shall decide appeals on membership application within thirty (30) days upon receipt thereof. If the committee fails to decide within the prescribed period, the appeal is deemed approved in favor of the applicant. 

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